A game that imagines a possible dystopian future where a social credit system is run by a private company in the UK.

Game Concept and Art Direction - Diana Ganea

Co-Scriptwriters and Animation - Javier R. and Federico Pozuelo
Head Game Designer - Liam Maclean
Game Designer - Blaite Han
UI Designer - Simone Ferraro
Sound Design - Aron Levi
Foley and VO Casting - Dom Valentino

Host - Colleen Prendergast

Special thanks to:
Erik Hartin and Tara Langford

Based on China’s social ranking system that makes it possible for citizens to be rewarded or punished depending on their actions through point allocation. Just like financial credit scores, an individual’s score has the mobility of increasing or decreasing depending on their course of actions. The social credit system was announced back in 2014 when the Chinese government had started gathering information on its citizens. This accumulation of data is primarily conducted through surveillance monitoring and through government hired ‘’information collectors’'.

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