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Following the recent developments of the social credit system in China, which is to be standardized on a nation-wide scale by 2020, we bring you ‘‘LifeCredit’’. A mini game that imagines a possible future in where a similar social credit system is run by a private company taking place in the UK.


What if your offline presence was being rated? Wait, it already is...

Score: 1289

Liu Han, a citizen and journalist in China, was recently banned from booking a domestic flight ticket as he was on a list of untrustworthy people. This also excluded his kids from being able to apply for private schools and him from buying property. 

Every Chinese citizens is being assigned a social credit score, a rating that is based on their offline and online behaviour and actions.

Are western societies exposed to similar systems?

British citizens are familiar with credit checks, which are based on financial information. The most known social-like scores which can be experienced in western societies take place through online platforms. For example, when rating services or sellers on Amazon or when rating passengers and drivers on the Uber app. Here consequences also occur when your score becomes too low, other users and customers might refrain from using your services or servicing you.  



I initated a collobartion with three game designers, Edward Zhou, Damian Talaga & Blaite Han. I also collaborated with Federico Pozuelo, an animator & Javier Rubio, a script write, they together run a collective called Prom Run. I then went to also work with two sound designers, Aron Levi & Dom Valentino and a voice actress Colleen Prendergast. Also worked with Simone Ferraro on the PNG files and branding of the company.
A team of 9 people.

With the use of these programs: Unity, Cinema4D, Photoshop, FMOD, Iclone and Ableton 9.


2017 December - Present

Art Director and Editor-In-Chief for FLESH
Generating projects and ideas which provide collaboration across the creative industries, showcasing young creative directional work.

2015 October

Design Intern for Fashion Designer Mark Tan
Working on the web-shop design to produce an effective and successful SS 16 campaign in correspondence with that season’s media strategy.

2015 October - 2016 January

Fashion Photographer for Bast Magazine
In charge of the street-style category during CPH Fashion Week as well as attending and covering the shows as press-photographer.

2016 September - Present

Design for Art Direction (BA Hons) LCC
London College of Communication, University of Arts London.

2014 August

Summer Course Fatamorgana Photography School
Studying snapshot photography at Fatamorgana.