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‘Black Boxes’ is a publication inspired by flight recorders (devices used on planes and other transportation). A flight recorder is usually orange although they are referred to as black boxes. The device is used to capture a wide range of different data; for example the altitude during a flight.

Coincidentally every single member of our publication team had family who have had an experience of migrating to a different country. We therefore decided to store these personal stories of migration in the object seen bellow, made intentionally with same visual elements of real flight recorders as they also store travel records.

In collaboration with Bior Elliott, Lily McNally and Kezia Hessam.

Black Boxes

The projects also brought about questions of the different levels of difficulties there is when one tries obtaining information. For example, with our publication you have to destroy the case before you reach what is contained. The outer case is also made for conservatory purposes. If something happens to an airplane, it is likely that the only thing that remains intact is the flight recorder. In relation to that, we also wanted to explore the life span of data.

How long will it be able to survive before it is lost or deteriorates? 


2017 December - Present

Art Director and Editor-In-Chief for FLESH
Generating projects and ideas which provide collaboration across the creative industries, showcasing young creative directional work.

2015 October

Design Intern for Fashion Designer Mark Tan
Working on the web-shop design to produce an effective and successful SS 16 campaign in correspondence with that season’s media strategy.

2015 October - 2016 January

Fashion Photographer for Bast Magazine
In charge of the street-style category during CPH Fashion Week as well as attending and covering the shows as press-photographer.

2016 September - Present

Design for Art Direction (BA Hons) LCC
London College of Communication, University of Arts London.

2014 August

Summer Course Fatamorgana Photography School
Studying snapshot photography at Fatamorgana.